Date: 8/15/2021
Start Time:__________________
End Time: __________________
Attendance: __________________

Bristol Ward Sacrament Service Agenda

We welcome you to our sacrament services this morning.

I am Brother Sensky and Bishop Youngblood has asked that I conduct this service.

[Please Excuse...(optional)]


Opening Hymn & Prayer

We will open our services by singing hymn #221: Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

Sister Holt is our chorister and Sister Baker will be our accompanist. Following the singing, Elder Keys has been invited to give the invocation. We will now continue to that point.

[Break until after hymn and prayer]

We will now prepare for the sacrament by singing hymn #183: In Remembrance of Thy Suffering. Following the singing, the sacrament will be administered to the congregation by the priesthood.

[Administration of Sacrament]

We would like to thank the priesthood for the reverent manner in which they administered the sacrament.

[Turn on the camera]


Intermediate Hymn #264: Hark, All Ye Nations!

We will now close our service by singing hymn #81: Press Forward, Saints. Following the singing, Elder Brown has been invited to give the benediction.

[Closing Prayer]

[Turn off camera]